It's all true. All tracked.

Our whole tree planting activity is tracked and can be verified via CHLOE, our exclusive tracking system, which allows you to receive photos of your tree and monitor its growth.

Qr code

Identifying QR code

Each tree matches a univocal code. Thanks to this code and to the photos you will receive, you will be able to see your tree grow!
The label is not only for monitoring: Based on the alphanumerical code you will be able to recognize your tree among all the others and know for sure which one is yours.

GPS location always tracked

The tree is geolocated in the nursery and at its planting spot. In your personal dashboard you will be able to find out where it has been planted and explore its surroundings thanks to an interactive map.

Constant updates

You will get 7 photo updates over 3 years. The first 3 updates will be group updates, the following ones will instead be individual with the label (with your identifying code) in full display.

Find out how traceable our trees are.

One QR code for each tree, yours is different from all the others.

Each tree is identified by a univocal QR code and ID which allow it to be tracked and monitored anywhere.

The precise location of your tree, from the nursery to the forest.

Thanks to CHLOE you can track each move of your tree: from when it leaves our nursery in Guatemala to the spot where it is planted.

Regular updates via automated mailing.

You will get 7 photo updates over 3 years. You will be able to monitor its blossoming and witness its first fruit production.

Your code.
Your tree.

Each adopted tree is linked, through a unique code, to its owner. Thanks to Chloe you can monitor it and see it grow, whenever you want.

What if a
tree dies?

We do everything in our power to prevent trees from dying. But, to be safe, we always plant 5% more than what has been purchased.
Therefore, in the event of your tree dying, we will replace it and you will get a new tracking code to geolocate it and monitor it anew.

The beginning of a story to share.

From the first photos in the nursery to the planting moment. You will be able to see your tree sprout, grow and bear the first fruits: thanks to the univocal code, you will be able to monitor its blossoming and witness its first fruit production, which generally takes place after about 3 years.

make your move!

make your move!

Whether you want to improve our environment or generate social impact, with zeroCO2 you cannot go wrong: we are a sustainable project in all possible respects.