Cubbit: Safer, Together.

Cubbit S.r.l is a high-tech startup developing distributed technologies with the mission of transitioning the global cloud industry into a user-owned, green, circular economy guaranteeing privacy-by-design.

Contribute to a better planet
Save the planet, one file at a time. Cubbit is the world’s most sustainable cloud – instead of energy hungry data-centers, files are stored and transferred across our unique distributed architecture – making Cubbit 10x greener than traditional cloud providers. Work in a space that respects both your privacy and the planet.

Cubbit is the first cloud that doesn’t cost the earth 
For each 10 TB saved on Cubbit, 1 ton of CO2 is saved every year.

Join the Swarm
Our unique Cloud storage system works by connecting users’ space to form a vast peer to peer network. Just like bees in a Swarm, we believe the whole is much more than the sum of its parts.
The node of this collaborative storage space is the Cubbit Cell.

Discover Cubbit’s Forest and Celebrate Christmas 2020
Collaboration makes our potential limitless! To celebrate Christmas 2020 we’ve decided to plant our own personal forest and we’ve planted a tree for each of Cubbit’s team members. By doing this, we can support communities of farmers and offset our (although minimal) carbon footprint.


Planted trees


Kgs of CO2 compensated*




Supported families

Want to be part of it? Order now and join the Swarm.

Where is the Cubbit forest?

Look on the map where the Cubbit forest trees have been planted

Do you want to redeem a tree of this forest?

It will allow you to receive, for 3 years, all the updates on the growth of your corporate tree.

Double check. Ours, yours.

Find out how traceable we are.

Find out how traceable we are.

Our whole tree planting activity is tracked and can be verified via CHLOE, our exclusive tracking system, which allows you to receive photos of your tree and monitor its growth.

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