put a tree under the tree

The most sustainable gift there is. . Give a tree to offset CO2 emissions and support the development of entire farming communities around the world.

Make your move!

This year you can make an original, quick and sustainable gift: plant a pine tree in the Caribbean!


Fast growth
630 Kg of CO2 offset


Here are 3 good reasons

To gift a tree

Just one click away!

it’s so quick, you don’t even have to pack it!

It is sustainable

planting it will help the planet offset CO2 emissions

Social impact

you will donate support to farming families who will take care of them

How does it work?

Just click on gift, choose a date and a dedication. We’ll take care of the rest! We will plant it halfway around the world, where a farming family will take care of it, let it grow and enjoy its fruits.

You will be able to download a personalised PDF certificate to put under the tree!

From the moment of purchase, the recipient will never lose sight of their tree.

Chloe will send him photo updates of the tree. Monitoring its growth is very easy! Not only by receiving e-mails, but also through the reserved area

Make a difference: for the planet, for people.

This Christmas, think big, give a mini forest of 5 fruit trees! Give a SOCIAL certificate! The farmers thank you



5 trees planted
545 Kg/year of fruit

60 / 12,5€ unit price

Which tree to gift?

Are you undecided about which tree to gift? We help you choose based on the impact you want to have.

One tree. Two values.

When you decide to plant a tree with zeroCO2, it is not only the environment that benefits, but also the farming families that grow it.

The tree you give away has a huge impact on the lives of the communities we work with and to which it is donated.
They will decide whether to use the fruit produced for their own consumption or to take it to the nearest market to sell it.

How do you know we actually plant trees? Meet Chloe.

All our planting activity is tracked and can be verified via CHLOE, our exclusive tracking system, which will allow you to receive photographs of your tree and monitor its growth

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