2800 KgCO2
545 Kg/year
All in for a fruit haul!

All trees in this certificate are fruit trees. This is the favorite product of farming families!



Plant 5 fruit trees in one click!

The farmers will be very happy: Thanks to this certificate you will plant 5 fruit trees in Guatemala, and you will donate food and financial support to families!

Your natural balance yields fruits.

We devised a pack of 5 fruit trees to be planted in Guatemala and donated to families who will get financial support and food supply from them. Thanks to this certificate you will plant
1 Orange tree
1 Avocado tree
1 Lime tree
1 Mango tree
1 Chicozapote tree

All traced!

The impact according to zeroCO2 is not limited to the environment, it is a social and sustainable growth value for communities.


trees planted in Guatemala


Kg of CO2 offset over 15 years


Kg of fruit produced every year and donated to farmers’ families.

Who are you planting it for?

If it's for you

If it's a gift

Within 24 hours from your purchase you will receive a welcome email with your tree identification data. The new tree will be visible in your forest – in your personal area – and you will be immediately able to check its GPS location. You will get the first photo update after approximately 50 days, and the next 6 updates over the next 3 years.

Tick the “it’s a gift” box and add the details of the recipient, the date, and a personal message. On the date you selected the recipient will receive a welcome email with the tree identification data, your personal message, and your signature. Over the following three years the recipient will get 7 photo updates of their tree. In each update the recipient will find your signature. You will simply get an order confirmation message.

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Buy, or give away, a personalised certificate attesting to the ownership of one or more trees. A proof of your support for the environment!

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We track and geolocate every single tree!
You will be able to follow its growth for the next 3 years through 7 photo updates.