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Spoiler alert. Figs are not fruit. What we call fruit is actually the inflorescence, the fruits are the single filaments contained within it. For pollination it uses the “fig wasp” which, in search of a place to lay its eggs, carries the pollen inside the fig and dies there, unable to get out. An enzyme in the fruit then breaks the wasp into proteins, while the larvae make their way out of the fruit and continue the life cycle of this strange insect.

My superpowers:

Fruit produced
Income generated
Scientific name:
Ficus carica L.
Average height:
3-4 meters
People pleaser

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Where will it be planted?

In Calabria, on abandoned municipal land where the Cooperative Progetto Germano helps all kinds of people, who for different reasons find themselves in difficult situations. Through sustainable agriculture, the cooperative supports social and territorial development, advocating against all forms of violence and in favour of law-abiding culture. “There can be no rest and dignity without work!”.

Find out how traceable and transparent we are

A unique QR code for each tree, yours different from all the others.

Each tree is identified by a unique QR code and ID that allow it to be tracked and monitored anywhere.

The precise location of your tree, from the greenhouse to the forest.

Through CHLOE you can trace every movement of your tree: from when it leaves our nursery in Guatemala to the planting location.

Regular updating via automatic emails.

We send you 7 photo updates over 3 years. You will be able to monitor its blooming and witness the first fruit production.

Who do you plant it for?

If it’s for you

If it's a gift

Within 24 hours after purchase you will receive a welcome email with the data of your tree.

The new tree will appear in your forest (which you find in your personal area) and you can immediately find out its GPS position.

You will receive the first photo update after about 50 days, and the next 6 updates over the next 3 years.

Check the box “it’s a gift”, enter the recipient’s details, the date and a personal message.
On the date you selected, the recipient will receive a welcome email with the data of the tree, your personal message and your signature.

Over the next three years the recipient will receive 7 photo updates of their tree. In each update the recipient will find your signature.
You will only receive an order confirmation email.


Let's get to know each other, even more in detail.
Scientific name:
Ficus carica L.
100 kg of CO2 offset
Maximum height:
5-7 meters
Produces sweetness in granules
Planting method:
Sustainable social agriculture
Ecosystem services:
Fruit production, sustainable development

Why sustainable development?

This tree is donated to the Progetto Germano social agricultural cooperative, where nature and people work together for sustainable development. Our plants will provide reintegration opportunities for people in need.

Tracking and Transparency

All our planting activity is tracked and can be verified through CHLOE, our exclusive tracking system, which will allow you to follow your tree and monitor its growth.

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Fast growth
330 Kg of CO2 offset



Economic support
3 Kg/year of beans produced


Amazonia fruit trees

Food security
50 Kg/year of fruit produced


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