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It can reach up to 50 meters in height. Its trunk is particularly resistant to ageing factors even when exposed to weather, parasites and fungi. Its longevity makes it the most venerable in the forest.

My superpowers:

CO2 offset
preserving biodiversity
Scientific name:
Swietenia macrophylla
Average height:
30 meters
Super power:
Finest timber

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Where will it be planted?

In our forest plantations in Guatemala we use fast growing native species adapted to the environment and resistant to pests. The communities to which we donate trees are trained on sustainable plant management and on the design of mixed agroforestry systems in which the variety of species ensures the stability and resilience of plantations. In fact, a stable forest system requires fewer inputs, regenerates the soil and biodiversity and at the same time ensures high rates of CO2 absorption.

Find out how traceable and transparent we are

A unique QR code for each tree, yours different from all the others.

Each tree is identified by a unique QR code and ID that allow it to be tracked and monitored anywhere.

The precise location of your tree, from the greenhouse to the forest.

Through CHLOE you can trace every movement of your tree: from when it leaves our nursery in Guatemala to the planting location.

Regular updating via automatic emails.

We send you 7 photo updates over 3 years. You will be able to monitor its blooming and witness the first fruit production.

Who do you plant it for?

If it’s for you

If it's a gift

Within 24 hours after purchase you will receive a welcome email with the data of your tree.

The new tree will appear in your forest (which you find in your personal area) and you can immediately find out its GPS position.

You will receive the first photo update after about 50 days, and the next 6 updates over the next 3 years.

Check the box “it’s a gift”, enter the recipient’s details, the date and a personal message.
On the date you selected, the recipient will receive a welcome email with the data of the tree, your personal message and your signature.

Over the next three years the recipient will receive 7 photo updates of their tree. In each update the recipient will find your signature.
You will only receive an order confirmation email.


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Scientific name:
Swietenia macrophylla
330 Kg of CO2 offset
Maximum height:
50 meters
Super power:
Finest timber
Planting method:
Sustainable agroforestry
Ecosystem services:
Climate regulation, biodiversity support

Tracking and Transparency

All our planting activity is tracked and can be verified through CHLOE, our exclusive tracking system, which will allow you to follow your tree and monitor its growth.

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