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What do I receive after my purchase?

You will immediately get an email of confirmation of your order, and a welcome email with the identification data of your new tree. Over the next 3 years, you will receive 7 photo updates of your tree.
The first 3 are group updates (not yet with the CHLOE label) as your tree will still be in the nursery. The following 4 updates are individual photos.

How can I be sure that the trees will be planted?

Thanks to CHLOE, our exclusive tracking technology ensuring transparency. Find out more about it here.

When will I receive the first update?

You will get the first update after approximately 45 days from your purchase. You will receive an update via email and the photo will be available on your personal dashboard. Should you not have received any email from us after 45 days, check your spam folder. Not there either? Contact us!

When will my tree get a label?

We label each tree the moment they are transplanted. This happens approximately 10 months after the seed is planted.

What is the univocal code for? And the QR code?

The univocal code is the ID code of the plant. Each tree has its own. This code is key to tracking each plant and ensuring the transparency of our service. Each univocal code is in fact linked to one and only client.
You can verify each univocal code here.
The QR code is generated by the univocal code of the tree. Our photo team scans it before taking pics of the tree. This is how the photos of each tree get to their owners!

What is the redeem code?

The redeem code is a voucher code, thanks to which it is possible to adopt free of charge a tree that has been previously purchased by someone else.

Why do my trees have the same GPS location?

All trees spend the first 10 months of their life in our nurseries. During this time many trees share the same GPS location! When they are transplanted on farming families’ land, their GPS position will change.

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