Measure your company’s impact on the planet

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Calculate your emissions with a scientific approach.

What can we measure?

Organization Carbon Footprint

Product Carbon Footprint

Event Carbon Footprint

Get a detailed report on your CO2 emissions.

Decrease your negative impact on the planet.

Certify your results with ISO standards.

Show your commitment, data at hand.


Why an LCA analysis is good for you:

Scientific validity
Regulatory compliance and certifications
Green Reputation
Improve your ESG performance
Measure your environmental performance
Access new markets and business opportunities

Any questions?

Why is it important to measure the Carbon Footprint of my company/product or service?
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What will I receive after measuring my Carbon Footprint?
Become carbon neutral with us
How does the Carbon Footprint calculation work? How long does it take?
Do I get a certification after pursuing an LCA calculation? Which one?

Base your green business strategy on science.


Change perspective!

A platform for satellite tracking of our projects around the world. Use your dedicated dashboard to manage and track the impact you have generated.


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