What we do

with highsocial impact.

The climate crisis we are experiencing is a complex phenomenon. Human beings and their actions are the main factors fuelling this crisis. They are also the only ones who can do something about it. How? Reforestation is a good starting point.


We carry out projects of reforestation, afforestation, tree planting in urban and extra-urban areas in several parts of the world, to the aim of preserving nature, but not only.

We take care of everything. From seed to farmer.

We manage 100% of the value chain. We follow the trees we plant, from the scrupulous selection of seeds, throughout the growth in the nursery, up to the delivery to the local farming communities involved in the project.

For sustainable growth in the pursuit of education

We believe that the engine of sustainable development is education. This is why, in collaboration with local universities, we are committed to support our partner communities with training programs on organic farming and sustainable land management

zeroCO2, in fact, supports and implements permaculture, a system which places sustainable agriculture replicating natural ecosystems at the top of populations’ needs.

Our goal is to support our partner communities in setting up perennial cultures with low fossil fuel consumption and strong social awareness.
To this aim, our tree planting activities are coupled with educational projects by our ONLUS, Comparte.

Active projects in the world

It all started in Guatemala. We then set new roots in the Peruvian Amazon, in the Argentine Patagonia and in all Italian regions.

Guatemala - Regione del Petén

We plant trees in deforested – mainly due to oil palm monoculture – regions

in collaboration with local farming communities who take care of the trees and enjoy their fruit. In addition, we tutor our partner communities on organic farming and sustainable land management.
We plant forest trees and fruit trees.

Peru – Amazon Forest

Protection and conservation of the Amazon Forest in Peru. We salvage

rare heirloom seeds and support local communities through handicraft products.
We plant forest trees, fruit trees and endangered trees.


We plant – native – forest trees for the regeneration of the native forests of

Argentine Patagonia, which have been destroyed by the devastating fires of the last decade.

Italy – Several Italian Regions

We manage several different projects. We work together with social cooperatives

and local administrations to create urban and peri-urban forestry projects.
We plant forest trees and fruit trees.

Why did we start in Guatemala?

Because of one encounter. Andrea, from Italy, and Virgilio, from Guatemala, have met in Guatemala and right from the start shared a vision for a fairer future. This is how, around a dish of tomato sauce pasta, sitting in front of a chicken coop, zeroCO2 was born. The context is however essential: over the last 40 years, forest areas in Guatemala have been literally plundered: uncontrolled fires, environmental degradation due to drug trafficking, and poor land administration have led to devastating levels of deforestation.

One tree, two values.
We decided to start our journey from a country with a high poverty rate, namely from a region, El Petén, in North-West Guatemala, where one tree can make the difference, not only environmentally but also socially: It can bring support to the economy and food supply of families. Our choice fully embraces the idea of linking trees to the climate challenge which affects all of us, in the whole world, although not everybody in the same way.

How do we choose a community?
The selection process of communities is very complex. In Guatemala, for instance, in collaboration with the university hub CUDEP of Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, the territory and the socio-economic condition of the population is scrutinized and a profile is traced of local communities. The most suitable make it to the next phase: the training of the families who are interested to work with us.

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Choose them. Plant them. Follow them.

After you choose which tree you want to plant, the sprout is grown in the zeroCO2 nurseries.
Later it will be transplanted by the farmers. From this point, each planted tree is photographed and geolocated thanks to its assigned QR code.

What if
a tree dies?

We do everything in our power to prevent trees from dying. But, to be safe, we always plant 5% more than what has been purchased.

In the event of your tree dying, we will replace it and you will get a new tracking code.

Find out how traceable we are.

Our whole tree planting activity is tracked and can be verified via CHLOE, our exclusive tracking system, which allows you to receive photos of your tree and monitor its growth.

zeroCO2 and Comparte Onlus

zeroCO2 is a benefit corporation stemming from one of Comparte Onlus’ projects.

Comparte Onlus is a no profit association with the aim of promoting innovation in social and educational realms as well as cultural interchange, with special focus on the quality of education in Latin America.

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