This year we got B Corporation recognition, the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance. It doesn’t just tell us whether we’re doing a good job or a bad job, it assesses how our business model impacts workers, the community and the environment.

Creating an ecosystem

The planet does not need superheroes, it needs vibrant, healthy and active ecosystems. This is because the biggest problems facing society cannot be solved by one company, government or organisation, no matter how big.

Choosing to be a B Corp also means becoming part of a community, or – as we prefer to call it – an ecosystem, where we work together to reduce inequality and poverty, to achieve a healthier environment and stronger communities, decent working conditions and a widespread, quality education. 

B Corporations form an ecosystem that can drive a global movement of people who use business as a way to do the right thing, not just profit. If we involve and support more and more realities, it will really be possible to bring about a cultural change in the world and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

What it means for us to be a B Corp

B Corporations are companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, balancing profit and purpose. And being a member is a huge recognition for us, achieved with a score of 134.3 out of 200.

The two most valuable aspects for this result were flora conservation and poverty alleviation, which in fact represent the two dimensions – environmental and social – intrinsic to our work and impact as a company.

Conserving the different species of fruit and forest plants means preserving areas that would otherwise be replaced by monocultures and livestock farms. And in this, reforestation makes it possible to rebuild entire ecosystems, where people can rediscover their relationship with the land, and with it their dignity. It is here that the environmental and human/social dimensions are linked. Where, by helping nature to re-establish itself, the community finds a way to be independent, to sustain itself and to train present and future members so that this balance will endure. This, in a nutshell, can be the impact of zeroCO2.

A confirmation to keep going

Results like this serve as further confirmation that we are doing good, through business, and we can only be happy about that.

It’s certainly not a point of arrival, but rather the motivation to move forward even more excited; aware that we are now part of an ecosystem that can really try to change the way our society works, obviously for the better.

Written by: Laura persavalli


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make your move!

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